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Photo: Why a cavity tray is essential before a conservatory is plastered

Why a cavity tray is essential before a conservatory is plastered

Why is it that some consevatorys have a musky smell when you first enter? There is a very good chance that there is moisture trapped behind the plasterboard on the origional house wall.

Why? The outer skin of a cavity wall is almost always porous, the mortar joints and indeed most bricks will alow a very small amount of moisture threw. This travels down the rear face of the brick until it reaches the ground (under the damproof course of the house) this then harmlessly soaks away. If however it reaches an obstacle ie. window or door it will soak into what it hits (this is why windows tend to be a little damp around the corners). Alternatively when it runs over dry brick it will get soaked up like water in a sponge! this is where the musky smell in the conservatory comes from!

Here is a picture of this proccess happening.

Take a look at our next artical to see the solution...

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